Customizing your HearNow page

With HearNow, you have the ability to customize a few sections (more customization to come!) 

In addition to design settings, you can add your artist's social media profile links (as well as a personal webpage), an "About" section, and your physical product link


Adding Social Media Links


In order to do so, simply log into your HearNow page and click on Design and Preview. From there, scroll down until you see the section "Links". Click on +Add More to expand the view like so.


Select the icon you want to add a link for, paste the link, click out and the page will automatically update and reflect the new link. You cannot add any music links to this section. For help with that, please go here. If you need help adding your physical product (your CD or your Vinyl page, please click here for instructions.)

You can see an example of adding a Facebook link below:



Adding "About" to your HearNow Page

Similar to adding social media links, you'll want to go to your Design and Preview section and scroll down until you see the "About" section. Simply copy and paste what you want it to say (or type directly into it) and voila, you have an about section! 

Below is another gif for your viewing pleasure:



Currently, we're unable to offer updates through your HearNow page to record labels, copyright, and/or track or artist name at this time. Changes for these need to be made through your CD Baby account. Please see more information on how to make changes before distribution or changes you can and can't make after distribution on CD Baby.