Physical distribution link

If you'd like to add a buy button for a physical product, you can do so straight from your HearNow page!

Note: as part of CD Baby's Covid-19 response, our warehouse is temporarily closed. This means: 

  • We will not be receiving inventory or restocking physical products.
  • We will not be fulfilling any orders made through our store until the warehouse staff can safely return.
  • Amazon PHYSICAL listings have been temporarily suspended.

For more information please click here.

When you log in, you'll be presented with your site settings.


  1. You'll want to click on "Music Links".
  2. Under where it says "Buy from Artist", you may have found that your Amazon link is already there!
  3. If it's not, then you can add it or any link you'd like where your fan can buy your physical product! 


When you save, it will have have a little cart icon at the bottom of your digital distribution links.


Why are not all your digital buttons available? Check out this article to see why not.