Distribution Links Not Showing? Please Read This.

We can create links to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, and Deezer. When you launch your HearNow page you may not see a button to create a link at every available partner, because your release must be live for there to be a link. 

Those links should appear automatically as your release goes live at each of these services. This can take anywhere from 1- 4 weeks. We do run a scan every couple of weeks to determine if our partners have submitted link information for your release.

Please keep in mind that your release will not be available before your release date since all partners honor release dates. 


Checking your digital distribution history on CD Baby

If you're uncertain when you were delivered to these partners, you can view your digital delivery history from within your CD Baby member's account. To do so, follow these instructions:

  • Log into your CD Baby account here
  • Click on the Album & Singles tab 
  • Click on the View/Edit button of the title in question
  • Under the header DISTRIBUTION, click on Partner Delivery

If it has been 4 weeks since you've been delivered and you STILL don't see the link on your HearNow page, please submit a request using this form and choose "Adding Link" under the option "Contact HearNow about:" and fill out the necessary information. 

If you wish to submit links for partners that are not included in the list above, you can choose "Submit Links" and we'll get those added. 


Do you need to add a buy button for a physical product? Click here to see how.