Forgot Password

Occasionally you might forget your password. No worries, it happens to all of us. Here's how you can reset a forgotten password.

First, go to https://hearnow.com/settings/ to access your login page.

From here, click "Sign In" from the top right corner of the page, as shown bellow:

From here, you will be presented with a login prompt. Underneath that, is a "Forgot Password" link. Click that, as indicated by the RED Arrow in the following image.

Next, you will be prompted for your email address associated with the account. This is the email address you entered when you signed up for the HearNow account. (Note: If you changed your email address from within the site previously, use the email you changed it to.)

Once you have entered your email, click "Reset My Password" and you will be sent an email to change your password. From there, you can now login again!