HearNow Dashboard

HearNow is our brand new product line dedicated to helping up and coming artists promote their albums! In the following article, we will cover the entire interface and explain what options, settings and features are included in your HearNow site, as well as how to use them!

When you first sign in to your brand new HearNow site, you will be presented with a screen that looks like this:

There are 3 sections which contain options and settings for your site.

Site Preview and Settings - Settings and features related to the appearance and functionality of your site.

Statistics - Traffic, and visitor reports for who visited your site and what they were looking at.

Accounting - Billing, and account information related to administration of your account.

Site Preview and Settings

From your Settings page, click on the tab that says "Site Preview and Settings". You will be presented with a page that looks like this:

Lets break this down and explain what each feature does:

  1. Color Scheme - A simple toggle that swaps between a light theme, and a dark theme. Simply click the switch to swap between each.
  2. Blur Banner Image - By default, HearNow pulls in your album art as the artwork for the site. It places the album art in a square in the center of the banner with a blurred copy of the same image behind it to fill the banner region. If you do not like how it looks blurred, click the toggle to unblur the image and give your page a new look.
  3. Banner Image Alignment - Change the position of the banner image to one of 3 positions. Center is default. You can also set it to top align, or bottom align at your preference.
  4. Play Length - Select which you would prefer for playback of your audio, Full length track or just clips.
  5. Artist Name Under Tracks - In the above example we show it with this feature on. As such, you will see the artist name under the track, as well as under the album. If you are the only artist on the album, this may not be needed, and can be disabled by clicking the switch.
  6. Show Mobile Preview - Get a feel for what your site looks like on mobile by clicking this button.
  7. Update Site with Changes - Click this button when you are done changing settings to push those changes live to your site for all your fans to see!
  8. View Site - When you are done changing settings, it is always a good idea to go take a look at your site and make sure it is presented exactly as you want it to appear. Instead of typing in the whole URL, just click this button to be taken to your site!


The statistics page will display some really useful information about how many people are visiting your site, what they are doing, and Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly reports.

When you click the Statistics tab, you will be presented with a page that looks like this:

Lets break this down and explain what we see:

  1. Range filter - Set the report to show either by Day, Week, Month, or Year.
  2. Total Page Visits - How many people visited your page.
  3. Total Song Plays - How many times the songs on your page were played.
  4. Buy Button Clicks - How many people clicked the buy button. (Does not mean they purchased the album/Single, just that they clicked the button to view the buy page on CDBaby.com)
  5. Artist Name Clicks - How many people clicked on your artist name to view your artist page on CDBaby.com.
  6. Total Social shares - How many people shared your site, or a piece of your site.
  7. Social Media shares by Site - Similar to Total social shares, but broken down into the specific social media site they shared it to.

This information is really handy for helping to figure out what your fans are looking at, and get you more information on which social media sites you need to focus your efforts on!


Accounting is pretty straight forward. This section will be the management area for things related to the administration of your page. Lets go into more detail on what can be done from here in a moment. When you click on the Accounting tab, you will be presented with a screen that looks like this:

Lets break this down a bit and explain what it all does:

  1. Change Password - Changes the password you use to login to the settings page.
  2. Change Email - Changes the email associated with your account. This affects both login, and notifications.
  3. Billing History - A history of all financial transactions between you and us, with regards to the management of your site. (Note: Royalties, Purchases, and other payments from customers are not displayed here. Those are still processed through your CD Baby account. Contact CD Baby for more information on these types of transactions here.)
  4. Update Payment Info - From here, you can change the way you pay for your site.
  5. Close Account - If you decide you no longer need your HearNow site, this is where you would cancel it. (Note: We do not accept cancellations requests via phone or email for security reasons. Please use this form to close the account.)


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